Jul 8, 2009

Gone to the dogs...

Thats whats happened 'round our farm this week.

They are slowly taking over!
There is Guss The Pug Puppy.
Who, while he is the cutest thing on Earth, serves no real purpose on the farm.
He's here for pure entertainment.

Otis the Boston Terrier.
He has taken it upon himself to rid our farm of flies.
I swear he looks possessed when he see's a fly!
He freezes and waits for it to land...

Oh yeah.... He'll retrieve anything you decide to throw with EXTREME excitement!

Otis is the dog that proved me wrong when I said I didn't like little dogs.
Now I love em!

Two weeks ago, Sampson joined the flock.

Literally! He's a Great Pyrenees and will live in the hen house/yard with the poultry.
Yep! This soon to be HUGE, polar bear like, white dog will grow up thinking he is a bird.
Great Pyrenees are wonderful Livestock guardians.
Protecting the poultry is his job.

This is Cecile.
Cecile is one of our Great Danes, she was born right here on the farm.

Cecile has had a problem.
Cecile doesn't like being alone.
With Sampson the Chicken-Dog living in the hen house.
And Guss and Otis warming feet in our beds.
When Arlo, our other Great Dane died last month, Cecile became depressed.
Cecile became VERY depressed.
She would not eat.
She would not play.
She was mourning.

Nothing we tried could lift her up out of her dark place.
She went from a sweet happy-go-lucky dog to a withering bag of bones.
It was heartbreaking to see.

*Sigh* This is Anna.
Anna came to our house yesterday.
She is half Australian Shepard & half Lab.

Even at her tender 8 week old age, Anna has a job!
Anna is an anti-depressant.
Anna lives with Cecile now.

Cecile ate her first full meal right after Anna moved in!
And our sweet bouncy Great Dane is Back!
Thanks Anna!

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a bouncing 120lb Great Dane?

If not.. prepare for spazzed-out, fuzzy, blobs.
Will try to get some of the Happy Girl pictures today.

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5 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Michelle said...

Oh goodness... that almost made me cry.... *almost* as I reach for a tissue...

Bonnie Story said...

What an amazing lineup of canines!! What fun. My life plan is to become an old lady with too many Scotties. Wearing a floppy hat out in the garden blowing a dog whistle. With no dogs responding until dinnertime. I sure do like that puggy you have there. He's a heartbreaker. I have never met a pug that wasn't awesome! About the Chicken dog, I think that actually that's a pretty natural lifestyle for the Pyr, just substitute sheep for chickens. Hey what's the diff between sheep and chickens anyway? Will surely cut down on predation round the coop. Have a great day! Bonnie

Katidids said...

Wow, thats a herd! You aught to try for purina as a sponsor! LOL Dogs are so human like, yes they do mourn,
our golden lay on the labs grave for nearly a week when we lost him. We thought wewoud be buring 2 dogs!

Lacey said...

Your puppy line-up is much more impressive than mine. I have a 2 year old mix of unknown origins and a 1 year old Pomeranian. They're spastic critters, but we love them all the same.

Lisa Sharp said...

What cute dogs! Great Pyrenees are wonderful lazy dogs!!! I have one and I love her to death. She is so sweet and has no play or chase drive what so ever, so hope you don't want him to play fetch. ;)

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