Aug 4, 2009

It's a good thing they had cute Band-Aids... because her Mom STINKS at comforting her.

So, the Little-Foreman-in-Pink starts school this year.
This means that, among other things, she needed to be up to date on her immunizations.

Now... I'm not gonna tell you how important vaccines are.
I'm not gonna tell you they are bad and you should avoid them either.
I will tell you that, being the excellent mother that I am, she was a little behind in her shots.

The state of Texas also decided to add a few new boosters to the shot regimen this school year.
When the Dr was done, she informed us that my baby needed 5 shots.
FIVE shots! At ONE time!
Not good.

My girl was ready. She was determined to be brave and withstand any torture she has to take to be able to be a big school girl and ride the BIG YELLOW school bus.
Riding the bus is the COOLEST thing in the world you know!

She was NOT gonna cry.
She knew shots earned her ice cream after her Dr visit.
She knew shots earned gave her the right to go to school.
She was actually excited!

... Until the nurse walked in with the shots.

"I don't want 5 shots, I want two shots." she announced.
of course, that was not possible. She needed each of the shots.

She sat in Worker #2's lap.
I hugged her so she wouldn't look or involuntarily strike the poor nurse who was already upset with the fact she was going to turn my cute 5 year old into a pin cushion.

The nurse worked FAST assaulting her thighs with sharp instruments of pain.
She didn't cry, technically...
She did yell for help. She yelled for help LOUD.

And what did her wonderful mother do?
I burst out into nervous laughter.
I couldn't help it!
I was seriously convulsing in laughter while hugging her.
My poor baby was scared. She was in desperate need of her mommy to comfort and sooth her and all I could do was laugh!

I wasn't laughing AT her, really I wasn't, I couldn't help myself.
It was terrible.

I'm sure the nurse went home and told her children how lucky they are to have her as a mother instead of the evil shrew who laughed at her child who was in pain today.

The Little-Foreman-in-Pink got a DOUBLE scoop of ice cream.
That makes it all better right???

Oh, who am I trying to kid?
Just one more thing for her to tell her therapist later in life....

... I suck.

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6 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Lola said...

Poor kid! She hasn't yet asked you why you were laughing, has she? Better be prepared with an answer, just in case. Lol!

Lisa D. said...

I'm an excellent mother like that, too. With my first baby, it was one needle at a time, with my second baby, it was 2 needles at a time. With my third baby, it was going to be 3(!) needles at a time and I just couldn't bear the thought of doing that to my sweet baby so many times! I did get baby number 4 there, so it's just #3 that has to get caught up, but at 5 years old, he's old enough to know what's coming, and not be happy about it! But he is old enough to bribe with ice cream! And can I just say, those are the coolest Band-Aids! I LOVE those!

jskell911 said...

Well, I gotta say, I am the type to laugh first too. I would love to think it would be less damaging than if you burst into tears. Now that would have terrified her even more.

Bush Babe said...

Oh dear... I hear you!! My little Violet (also a foreman in pink!) was a trooper with her four-year-old shots and also the flu shot last month. Nary a tear. Dash was pretty good with his flu shots too (after all, one cannot be shown up by one's little sister now!). However HIS 4-year-old shots were a different story... the poor little man got the heeby jeebies and kinda spasmed as soon as he saw the needles on the tray. Dear Lord... he was like MJ on speed he was convulsing in fear so badly. I was mesmerised by the performance and held him tight and said all the things I knew I should say to calm him... but God help me... I was quietly convulsing too. In hysterics.

Even now, recalling that day, my chin gets a little shaky. Can we share the therapy, you think?

Virginia said...

Love the pretty bandaids and the skirt is too cute (I'm a sucker for small floral print; it makes me want to go borrow a great-niece to do some sewing!). I remember my son's last flu shot when he was 12....took one husband and a hefty nurse to hold him down on the floor.

Sab said...

I have ALWAYS hated needles, so seeing my baby have them makes me want to cry... and I have to turn away. That said, when not looking at the needles and just watching her face, I want to laugh because of how it goes from smiling and laughing at the doctor to crocodile 'you hurt my feelings' tears... and it's just so cute!

Btw, those bandaids are adorable!

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