Aug 8, 2009


Most of my childhood memories are simple memories.

Snowsuits, decorating sugar cookies, hiding under the huge Rhododendron bush in our front yard, catching Honey bees off of the crab apple trees, Chinese jump-rope, 4-square, Nancy Drew, Sleep-overs, Swing-sets, Boo Berry Crunch, catching Lightning Bugs, collecting buckeyes, ice cream trucks, catching frogs, picking blueberries, blowing dandelions, sneaking red currants until my tummy hurt, climbing trees, ghost stories, and running through the sprinkler.

To name a few...

I've worked hard to make sure my children have the chance to make these kinda of simple childhood memories for themselves.

Yesterday the poor, sheltered Little-Foreman-in-Pink got to venture out and experience water-play that involved more then our small fishing pond or my garden sprinkler.

Our little town park built a zero-depth water play area and we finally got away from the farm to check it out.

There were lots of different colored tubes and gadgets, each one spraying or pouring, or shooting water in various directions and patterns.

She had a blast!

Well... she had a blast once she got over the shock of realizing there are other children in her part of the world who were close to her age and did NOT live in her house.

Is there anything better than cold water-play on a hot summer day?
I think not...

That Ice Cream Truck would have been nice too...
Maybe next time.

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Katidids said...

How fun! I love simple days like that, I bet she had a blast!

Indy Cookie said...

Dana, I've been strolling down memory lane myself lately! LOVE the photos, especially the first one with the water just coming out.

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