Sep 1, 2009

This.... Is..... WAR!

I have a deep dark secret.
It's a kind-of embarrassing problem, really.

I have been fighting an intruder in my home.
He is sly.
He is smart.
He is lighting fast.
He is a ....
He lives in my bathroom.
I would like to know why he is in my bathroom!?!?
There is NO food in there!
Why is he in my bathroom??

When I lived up north, "clean" people didn't have mice or roaches. (don't even get me started on the flying HUGE Texas roaches that EVERYONE gets here!! And... These??? ((shudder!!))
If you had mice in your house, you were mortified! or living in filth.

I went to the store and asked about Mice-getting-rid-of-tools and the salesman was all... "Oh ya got house mice huh? Everyone gets house mice.... deal with it."
Um.... DEAL WITH IT???
Are they kidding me???
Deal With It???
I think not!

At this moment, the mouse is winning the war!
I have tried traps, baits, peanut butter, cheese, crackers, nuts, sticky pads,... everything!

The little stinker is thriving and having a grand old time, living it up in MY bathroom!!

He isn't scared by the big-n-bad Man-of-My-Dreams either!
He scoffs and runs across his foot in the middle of the night.

And I swear I saw him blow a furry little raspberry at me right before he streaked down the cord to my hair dryer last night.

My barn cats would take care of him, but they live outside....
And, of course, worker #1 will do his famous and very convincing Blow-fish impression if I let them in the house so that's out of the question.
Darn Kids!
They ruin everything!

I need your help....
What else can I do to get rid of my new house-guest?
He has totally out-stayed his welcome!

What have you done to get them Gone??
and Don't worry...
it'll be our little secret....
No one will know you... had... mice.

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17 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Katidids said...

When you figure it out, let me know...I have one or five...10 myself. Little suckers are getting fat on dog food!

Lisa D. said...

I feel your pain! The last mouse we had liked the peanut butter, so that worked for us. Any kind of chocolate bar with nuts in it is also good - just a little piece on one of those spring traps.

Lola said...

1 permanent solution is get a cat. If anyone in your house has allergies that probably isn't an option, but it is something that really works. Our previous home had mice, as soon as we got a cat, the cat took care of it. The only problem was, we had to dispose of the evidence.

The other way is to get glue traps and bait them with peanut butter. The glue traps contain no poison and are safe around pets and small children. Unless you're not squeamish though you will probably want the man of your dreams to dispose of the evidence because they get stuck and well, they get kind of boisterous until they die.

My pick is the cat because the cat will usually kill it, play with it for awhile and then bring their prize right to you.

Cindy said...

I feel your pain!! Tom Cat Ultra Bait Trays...they eat the stuff and go away to die! You don't even have to see them or touch them! It worked for me to get rid of a couple, so now I leave them out in strategic spots (away from my dogs and small children) so they get that before they get into my house!

Good Luck!!!

Virginia said...

We had a large infestation in one house we lived in. A combination of spring traps baited with peanut butter and 2 cats made quite a difference. I'll never forget the little mouse that tried to get away from one of the cats. Ran into the trash can turning it over, darted into the trash can and wound up running into a spent shotgun shell. I told my husband it was clear it was a female; her hips would not fit into the shell....;>

Anonymous said...

I had a brazon mouse like yours. He would peek around the corner and when my hubby would lay down on the couch he would dash across him LOL It would totaly freek out my big bad retired Marine :) heehee My mouse didn't care for the peanut butter but I found out that he loved cantalope and the seeds inside. This war went on for about 2 weeks and he was wearing me down but I set some sticky traps with fresh cantalope and seeds from it and that little bad boy was all mine. He went to mousy heaven and I havn't had another one but winter is comming and I get one or two and the battle is on LOL. I can't have a cat cause them make me so sick like I have the flu. :( and I really like them.

Wendy said...

I feel your pain really I do. We got 4 last week but it took forever to get them. Stay patient you will get him.

Erica said...

I totally feel your pain. We had a little house guest for a bout 2 weeks. My hubby put down some sticky traps and that worked perfectly. We get the little house guest once or twice a year.

Sab said...

we have these awesome traps here that are metal boxes. You put in some poison and food (I use peanut butter... those buggers love the stuff) and they get in and can't get back out. Brilliance!

Lisa said...

I was LMAO reading this post....we just got rid of our last mouse...I hope!! I dont know what baffled me more...that for each one we got...there seemed to be more OR that we HAVE a cat and the mice were not afraid of him!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Since Mason passed, a mouse in the house seems to be the old farmhouse standard. Ronnie just sets a mousetrap with some velveta (nasty stuff) and catches his mouse every time. *shrugs* I am curious to see how this pans out.

Never heard of a mouse in the bathroom unless he is a very clean mouse and needs the soap. *snickers*

sue said...

Can't Otis scare the darn thing? My Ralph finally convinced the mice they needed to be outside where the cat is. I have allergies too. Outside they have a slightly higher chance of survival cause we only have one cat.
Not that Ralph will catch them he just scares the bejebers out of them.
But the Eagles and such keep the population down too.

Anonymous said...

Ughhh I absolutely hate these things and they LOVE my house...Nothing worked for me either until I started to put out a little bit of antifreeze (we have no little kids or pets anymore)in the lid of a butter dish out for the guests. In about 2 days they spread the word that our house is not very much fun:-)

mamma3monkeys said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mamma3monkeys said...

When my first born was 2, we lived in an area with a lot of land behind our apartment - which of course means rats and cats, etc. Well, we ended up having a few critters but the most memorable one was a tiny field mouse. we used a sticky trap on a mouse that was living in the area under the burners above the oven. We had to tape down plates over the burners themselves so he couldn't escape. When I knew we had caught him and we knew that we were supposed to kill him or just toss him in the trash, I felt so bad that he was so tiny that we waked a block to a field area near a school with a well lit paring lot, and pried him of with a few sticks. I'm don't know if we hurt him in the process, but he didn't look like it as he scurried across the parking lot into the field.

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize. We live in Florida, which has both the roaches and the annual infestation of mice if you live in a rural area. To top things off, I couldn't just have normal mice. No, I have an endangered species, the Florida mouse.

As for why he lives in the bathroom: maybe he's just weird. That's where ours come in. We baited live traps with peanut butter...and they ate the cough drops. They love cough drops, go figure.

Now we let our cats take care of them. When they have the mouse cornered, my husband intervenes and then tosses the mouse back out the front door.

There's no real good way to get rid of them, which is just mortifying. I grew up like you did: if you have bugs or mice, you're dirty.

Out here, it's just a plain fact of life.

Melissa said...

Have you tried electronic mouse traps? Victor makes a Multi-Kill trap that can kill up to 10 mice before needing reset. It also has 2 entry ways.
Here's the trap I'm referring to:

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