Sep 2, 2009

Call the S.P.C.A. Cause I am THAT bad of a dog owner.

This is Guss.
The Pug puppy with an un-healthy obsession with dirty panties.
The Pug puppy who refuses to grasp the concept of going potty outside.
The Pug puppy who has learned to dig under the fence and head for the hills and run from us for an hour while we try to coax him back into his yard.
The super-cuddly, super-loving, super-ditsy Pug puppy.
Isn't he cute?

One of his amusing traits is his constant look of worry.
The poor thing looks like he needs a good dose of anti-anxiety medication!
I always wondered why he seems so full of worry.

Today I understand why.

In an attempt to keep him in his yard I bought him a shock collar.
Yes, I know it seems mean..... But not nearly as mean as letting him run away and get hit by a car!
I bought the shock collar that also has a vibrate function in the remote control, so I don't have to shock him every time me tries to dig under the fence, I can just buzz him.

The collar was working great!
I only had to shock him 2 times before he learned that digging = unpleasant feeling.
And the shock wasn't really painful for him... he didn't yipe, he just jumped and stopped digging. perfect!
I was pleased.

Tonight, Guss was in his crate sleeping for the night like a good little Pug.
I was watching the Pilot for the new TV show Glee... (it's WONDERFUL by the way!)
I got a little too "into" one of the wonderful '80's songs the kids on the show were singing and kinda busted-a-move in my chair.

Well... when I did, I kinda sorta shifted and sat on the shock collar's remote control.
A few second later, one of the boys came running out of the room where Guss was in his crate yelling...
"Mom!! Somethings wrong with Guss!!! He's trying to get out of his crate!!"

...Um... Yeah... I was shocking the poor sleeping, minding his own business, puppy!!

Thank goodness I bought the really really weak collar!!
He's sleeping in my bed tonight.

It's the least I can do.....
.... Before I go to hell.

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9 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Katidids said...

OMG THat is so funny, poor pup, but it's something I would do!

Elle said...

Poor little guy but very funny!

JoAnn said...

Oh My! Poor Guss; he'll be afraid to fall asleep now. More added anxiety. He is a cutie though.

Annette said...

I am sad for Gus, however the recap from your point of view was priceless! LMAO Reminds me of when a friend tried on his dogs shock collar, turned it up and hit the button. FDL No humans were injured in that experimentation.

Lisa D. said...

Funny, funny, funny! Glad that the collar is working for you, though. My parents tried it on a German Shepherd who loved to chase cars - she never learned, and had to find a new home.

sue said...

OH my. As a house full of dogs I keep thinking I need one of those. I'll try to remember to keep it out from under the cushion though. Poor baby.
Ok I can't help it I have tears in my eyes from laughing.

That's almost as good as the guy who videoed his dog sleeping. During the dream the dog got up and ran into the wall. Too funny. I'll have to find that link for you.

Anonymous said... wonder the poor guy wouldnt go in his crete this morning when i was there...i dont blame him! mean woman! lol

Sandra said...

LOL Omg! That was so funny!

Thanks for the laugh......I miss my Duke, had to put him down 3 weeks ago yesterday. Had him 15 yrs and he was still like a puppy!

Loved your story! Hope he had a nice sleep after the shock wore off. :)

walkertxkitty said...


We have one dog who requires a shock collar because she barks. It's also the kind you operate with a remote.

Usually we leave it on the counter in the rec room so we can find it easily (it's next to their crates). Unfortunately, the cats also like to walk up there. It took us a week to figure out that the cats were stepping on the button and shocking the poor thing. Meanwhile we were yelling at her for barking and crying for no apparent reason.

The remote has no been removed from the cats' access.

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