Sep 4, 2009


I was out walking around the property this morning, hoping to snap some pictures of cute little birds or pretty wildflowers.

As I came to the front of our property, I was prepared to find some undesirable things.
You see, we live at the very end of the road where no one else lives.
Because it's relatively hidden, people often come and leave "stuff"
  • Beer bottles left by teens who snuck it out of their parents fridge and secretly drank in their truck late at night.
  • Cigarette butts left by someone who sat at in their car talking on their phone.
  • Candy wrappers left by children waiting for the bus.
  • Unwanted Kittens, puppies, dogs... lots of discarded pets.

Today I found this....

Yep.. someone actually drove all the way down out long road to dump a complete 7 and a half foot tall Christmas Tree.

  • Did they suddenly become atheists and no longer wish to celebrate the birth of Christ?
  • Did Santa forget to bring them that pony last year?
  • Are they planning on "going green" this year and using a real tree?
  • Did they decide the multi-colored lights didn't match their decor?
  • Was it too short?
  • Was it too tall?
I don't get it!
But it really Makes me mad!

Anybody wanta Christmas Tree?

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13 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Lisa Sharp said...

Littering pisses me off!! I grew up in the middle of no where on a dead-end street and we had the same kind of thing. Grrr!

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

LOL! Hey it's the PERFECT Christmas tree! Plug her in and see if she works! haha

Littering is disgusting! You should make a No Littering sign and stick out there, for a fine of House cleaning!

B said...

I love the "going green" one ;) do you ever find stuff you want to keep or could reuse!? That'd be cool.

Anonymous said...

Well make alot of birdy feeding things and set it up this winter when they don't have a green tree or food. They will really like it and your kids will have fun filling it with girdy food stuff all winter LOL

Lola said...

Maybe they were overcome by the Christmas spirit early and felt compelled to spread it around?

mamma3monkeys said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mamma3monkeys said...

I used to love to explore areas that weren't so public. But I got tired of finding used condoms, used tampons, and homeless people sleeping under bushes.

Katidids said...

Well you could set it up for the critters on the front porch!

jen said...

is it smelly??? that is the only thing my sleepy brain can come up with. my parents live way out in the boonies on top of the hill near a creek. they find all sorts of weird stuff too. their current dog was a "drop off".

Anonymous said...

How awful. I hate littering, too. AUGH. Even if you don't care about the impact on the environment, etc. It's just plain rude! I agree with posting a sign. Or, perhaps even more pointedly, a trash can. Then attach a tip jar to the trash can and see if anyone leaves one. Hah.

p.s. sorry bout the dead kitty. :( I grew up on a farm (from about age 11-17) and even though I was really a city girl I hated when any animals died. We didn't really raise animals per se (my grandpa had cows that our rancher relatives took care of on our property) but we only ever had chickens and LOTS AND LOTS of cats. And those cats always had that horrible eye gunk. And a lot of them died. Until we took them to get treated and then gave away some of them. But yeah--so sad.

Sab said...

I need to go out by our property and clean up a bit myself. People really can be so disgusting sometimes.
That said, why not use the tree? :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone hated fake christmas trees and so snuck out while their spouse was sleeping to dispose of it so when Christmas comes they can pretend like they have no idea what happened and get a real tree for Christmas?

Anonymous said...

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