Nov 30, 2009

The 5th Anniversary of my 33rd Birthday.

Today is the 5th Anniversary of my 33rd birthday.
33 is My number.... so I plan on staying 33.

One of the things the Man-of-My-Dreams and I do most years is attend the Texas Renaissance Festival.

A renaissance festival is a fabulous place to go if you enjoy to "people watch".
I love to people watch.
Especially when you get to see such... um... "colorful" characters.

You get to see kings and Queens.

Fairies making beautiful art with colorful sand in the dirt.

Happy people who you want to hug.

Studly Santa'ish Barbarians who make ladies weak in the knees and beg you to take their picture with them.

odd kinda spiky leathery guys who you do NOT want to hug.

Then there were these guys..
They put on a very funny show involving a mud pit.

This fella ate and then spit mud all over the place.
Ok... It doesn't sound that funny..
Trust me, it was!

Especially when THIS happened!

This other muddy fella ran into the crowd.
He vowed to find the biggest and toughest man in the crowd.
Guess who he chose??

The Man-of-My-Dreams!

This was not exactly what I had in mind when I told him I wanted to go "people-watching" at the Renaissance Festival!

If there was ever a time I was thankful I had my camera handy,
This was it!

It was a great day.
I got to watch lots of people.
We got to eat lots of food.
And the Little-Foreman-in-Pink hitched a ride back to the truck.

We were all happy.

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4 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Laura Rucker said...

HAPPY 38th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, couldn't' resist saying your age.)

Ana said...

Happy Birthday and don't worry for your age, you look great!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthing Day! I'm with you on the staying 33...although, I am plus a few more. I just recently found your site and really enjoy it! You are great! Thanks for sharing with us all!

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