Nov 25, 2009

Wife Swap Re-Run ALERT!

For those who asked to be told...

Our Wife Swap episode will re-run
This Friday (11/27/2009) at 2pm Eastern Time
On Lifetime TV.
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4 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Charles said...

I love Wife Swap. Why didn't you put some of your pictures up? Nice blog. All the best.

Christine in OK (Christine Ford) said...

Okay, so here's some comments. Brooke is adorable!! Charles is VERY TX/OK. I love your convertible, Lance's is a zero-turn and I'm hardly allowed to drive it. "bless her heart". Reminds me of a Looong discussion on HT a few years back I still snicker about. When my kids don't do their chores, I am also NOT HAPPY. Dance two little jigs, I like to see kids should see me dance around the house!

Anonymous said...

I finally caught it. Well, until my boyfriend's dad came in and switched the channel to football . . . blah!

Chicken Momma said...

This was the first time I had seen you on Wife Swap. I didn't start watching it until I found your blog. Then I only started watching hoping to see you. I have to say, now that I've seen tons of episodes, that you have a ton of class. I just loved the things you taught that family, and I loved watching your husband spending time with the kids. Your episode was one of the best!

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