Jan 28, 2010

Keeping The Spark- Little Tips (Why the Heck are We Doing This?)

I hope, by now, you've read the Keeping The Spark -Little tips 1-3.
If Not... Check em out real fast.

Little Tip #1 - (send him a love note)
Little Tip #2 - (the 5 Second Kiss)
Little Tip #3 - (Spruce it Up!)

Several of you have e-mailed me asking...
  • Why we are doing this?
  • Don't I know that we deserve special treatment too?
  • Don't I think these little romantic actions should work both ways?
  • What if he doesn't notice?
  • How long should I keep doing this before I give up?
Well of course we deserve to be treated special!
But remember.. we are not only doing these things for him...
we are doing these things for us too!
I know that I feel soo much better about myself, I'm more productive, I have more pep in my step, when I am put together and looking nice.

Even if it's a little pair of sexy lace panties and a lacy bra under my t-shirt and jeans, it helps.
It's fun! Kind of like I have a little secret.
Try it! I bet you'll agree!

These little steps usually won't make our man turn around and do a 180 degree change over night. But trust me... he will notice!

We have to remember who we are dealing with...
We are dealing with men. Men are different than we are!

Most men do not spend nearly as much time as we do over-thinking things.
Men think in the moment... they don't analyze each and every action, they don't look for the hidden message in every conversation as we women so often do.

I promise, they DO indeed notice our little actions!
But our men fall into the same ruts we often do.
Between work, bills, money, obligations, fatherhood, and life in general, They often find themselves going through the motions day to day, just like us!

It doesn't take much work to bring that spark back, or keep it burning brightly.
But it DOES take effort!
That, dear ladies, is what we are doing...

We put so much effort into being a great mom.
We out so much effort into being a good housekeeper, good friend, good daughter, etc etc etc...

Doesn't our relationship with the Man-of-Our-Dreams deserve at least the same amount of effort?
If he doesn't seem to notice our little actions right away, don't despair... Keep on doing them!!
Wait and see....

Change doesn't usually happen over night, but it is soo worth it in the end!

Up next...
Little Tip #4... (Date Night!)
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3 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

You may find this funny...

I took your advice, and one of the things I decided to do was to just randomly text Hubby "I love you" while he was at work. He texted back "I love you, too" and that was that.

Then later at dinner he asks me why I did that! I told him "Can't I just be a little romantic?" Dork! Or maybe it just goes to show you I should probably say it more often.

Anonymous said...

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Domestic Goddess said...

I love this post. I was just hopping around on blogs and found you. Too funny. Yes men think differently but they do notice things, they just don't talk about it. I know I feel better when I spice things up. I leave cards in his truck and sometimes he brings me cards back! I make his favorite dessert and he pats my butt. Little things make a big difference. I believe that sometimes we women get so wrapped up in our own needs that we forget what our men need.

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