Jun 18, 2010

Five things....

That I need to get done today...

  1. I HAVE to mow the grass today... Or I'll need to bail it next week. Why doesn't the grass in the pastures grow as fast as the grass in the yard?? huh? Why??

  2. Tackle Mt. Laundry... This task would be easier if the part for my washing machine would ever arrive! Until it does, I'll be at the super-duper fun laundromat.

  3. Clean the kitchen... Ugh! I guess you know it is time to clean the kitchen when you realize there are NO clean cups in the house!

  4. Bathe Brutus... He is a super-stinky Bulldog.

  5. Weed the garden... I was so proud of my tomato plants.... Now I can't find them through the weeds.

Things I'll actually get DONE today...

  1. Write this post on my blog.

  2. Freak out because there is no clean cup for my much-needed cup of coffee.

  3. Yell at the boys for wearing the same dirty outfit for three days in a row.

  4. Freak out because I lost Brutus in the tall grass in the front yard.

  5. Take a nap because I'm so stressed from freaking out all day.


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The Apple Pie Gal said...

We must be soul sisters...

Anonymous said...

Same here..... ugh!

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that. Grass grows fast in Florida and then it rains each afternoon so there's no way to cut it without ruining the mower. My roomie did weed our garden but the tomatoes are gone :P I did discover that the boar did not eat my rosemary and sage to the ground though. Everyone needs a bath and we're not going to discuss the laundry. I think it went out to apply for a green card.

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