Jul 29, 2010

Not My Farm

I got up early yesterday morning to make a long drive into Houston.
Driving in Big City rush hour traffic is NOT how I like to start my morning.

The morning started out in the Blue, "Green Room"

Why do they call it a green room anyway?
It was not green, It was a room.
Why not call it "the room"?
Some questions will never be answered.

Then I had a date with this delightful man who fixed my hair and make-up.
The poor guy had no idea how much work it was gonna take to make me look decent, but he sure tried!

I was shown around the studio, where I would spend 10 minutes under harsh lights being interviewed.

They neglected to tell me that they would be filming me from the side, thus showing each and every one of my fat rolls and all three of my chins!

I considered locking myself in the green room and refusing to come out until they found the "Pretty skinny girl" camera lens, but I didn't want to be a DIVA.

All in all I had fun.
Being on TV isn't nearly as scary as you would think.

Now the Houston traffic that I drove through while rushing back to the serenity of the farm?

THAT was scary!

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Reg said...

What was the TV appearance all about?

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