Aug 3, 2010

Tuesday's Randomness X10

1. Went to court today.
I started out really nervous...
then got really mad when he didn't show up...
then was relieved to find out his lawyer filed an answer...
we go back next month.

2. Took my Grandmother out to lunch for her birthday....
Her birthday was a month ago... I kind of suck like that.

3. I ate a roll at lunch! a yummy roll! with olive oil and garlic dipping sauce!!
This is a big deal because I haven't been able to eat a roll since Oct 20th of last year (my lap band does NOT like bread!)

4. I got entirely too flattered and excited when the toothless man on the street corner told me I had "Nice Tits".

5. I was so thrilled with myself for having "Nice Tits" that I went to Starbucks for a Tall Raspberry Mocha Frappachino. YUM!

6. Brutus the English Bulldog is deathly afraid of an 8 inch tall plastic dinosaur.

7. He has spent the last 25min hiding under the coffee table watching it.... just in case it tries something sinister.

8. My 6 yr old daughter wants to remove all the posters of puppies, kittens, and ponies from her room and replace them with pictures of Alligators.

9. My washing machine is still broken, my oven is still broken, but I have water!!

10. I, for the first time in my life have used the word "tits" on my blog! sorry.
I've blogged a TMI blog post about "the girls" before....
But I really dislike the word "Tit's"
Man! I just did it again! Sorry!
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Anonymous said...

LOL, Dana, sounds like you had a very busy day. Glad you kept your cool. At least the Forman in Pink is only asking for posters of alligators instead of sneaking real baby gators into the tub and sinks in the house. I can remember when I was about 5 I found some snakes under the house and put them in the bathroom sink. I was lucky that I wasn't bitten but I sure freaked everyone in the house out. Us tomboys can scare us some sissy folk.

dykewife said...

your stamina amazes and awes me.

as to numbers 4 and 10 and your closing paragraph, you know that people are going to be googling alligator tits and come to your blog, right? :D

MamaTea said...

You are so funny AND honest. And anyone who can be both is a friend of mine!! I LOVE your blog. :)

Aunt Pooh said...

Dear Dana ~
Tits does not have an apostrophe. . .well, mine don't, maybe yours do!

Dana said...

Aunt Pooh...
It seems my anal editor sister is slacking.
You want the job?
I'd be lost without her!
My tits have wrinkles, and sags, but I removed the apostrophes. :)

Aunt Pooh said...

Dear Dana ~ I approve of your "tits" now ~ excellent boob job and it didn't even hurt, did it?

moonshell said...

Dana, a close friend shares your blog with me, this one made me laugh, being of sound mind and blessed with my big girls she thought it would hit home for me. Thanks

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