Nov 10, 2007

The Deed Is Done **sniff**

I have three 15 year old boys here this morning. Thus I have a big breakfast to cook..... Here is a little post about taking my first pig Sausage (aka Saucy) to the butcher.

I'll make you laugh, Cry, and Drool! Enjoy!

Oh... and PITA people??? You might wanna leave now.

Saucy (Sausage) is now at the butchers.
The guys got the small livestock hauler....
Backed it up to the gate....
each got a board...
They looked like they were preparing for battle.
They just knew there would be no way to get her into the hauler without a fight.
I came outside to see how it was going...

STOP! I yelled.
Let me try.
I went inside..
got a few eggs..
walked up to my girl...
gave her an egg (out of my hand)...
and threw the last 2 into the hauler....

She hopped right up into the hauler like she had done it 100's of times before.

I think the guys were a tad disappointed, they wanted to battle lol
I have tried to explain to them time & time again, THEY cause the chasing.
THEY cause the battle...
if they would just be sweet ad calm, the animal most likely will be calm too.

She was shut into the hauler and then gave me this look... (the one in the pic) like.. Hey!...... Whats going on Mom??? What are you doing??
When we took Hot Dog to the butcher it really wasn't too hard. But Saucy was my first pig...
she was my baby... She would eat eggs out of my hands every day...
She would run around like a puppy each time she saw me coming.

This time was not so easy.

But.. Its done.
Yes, I am sad... But. i know she lived a very happy spoiled life.
I know she was treated w/ respect.
I know she felt safe.

And I know she will be put down humanly.
I know that in 2 weeks my freezer will be full of home grown, yummy pork.
I'm not gonna say there wasn't a tear shed....
I'm not gonna say I didn't almost turn the truck around more than once on the way to the butchers....
But I did what I set out to do.
This was the plan from day one.
I did it, even tho everyone said I couldn't ever go thru w/ it.

I can only hope it will be easier from now on.

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Sweetlilmagnolia said...

Hey Dana, came over from P-Dubs webblog, love yours too. And nope, it doesn't get easier, but you'll get easier at it. Thats what makes you so very special. Treating & caring for her so well, but doing what you have to do. Your the example every farm/ranchers child should have...treat your animals with respect and love, but never loose the humanity of the business side of things. Im glad your kids can see that in you and learn from it. I promise they will carry those images in their hearts for a long long time.
Deb in E.TX I

Dana said...

Thanks for the kind words. I guess your right.. when it stops being difficult, I should stop doing it.

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