Nov 11, 2007

Redneck Fire Pit/Fire Love

I have always loved campfires. Well..... I love fire in general. (yes, I DID use the "L" word ! My Rant about the "L" word CLEARLY said this was ok! )
When we first moved out here I was known as the "fire-Lady" to everyone in our area, because I had a fire going every day & every night. I have been called a pyromaniac, I wouldn't go THAT far! But, if given the choice between fire & diamonds.... I'd choose fire. Heck... Given the choice between fire and most things.. Fire would win. I mean... it smells good... It sounds good, snap, crackle, its more entertaining than any TV (I could sit and watch a fire for hours and not get bored!), it can keep you warm on a chilly night, It doesn't care if you are ugly/dirty/fat/pretty, its a great stress reliever, It cooks for you, and it cleans my yard by burning waste.... wait a min.... Maybe I DO have a problem! It almost sounds as good as the Man-Of-My-Dreams. Maybe I do need to find a 12-step program.)

Lately I have been interested in seeing what other people used to contain their fires. I have searched for pictures of home-made fire pits. I found lots of interesting ideas. But most are really expensive, really fancy, rather small decorative fire pits.

I have been told ours is a Red-Neck fire-pit. Because it's BIG, it's functional, and it's made out of something most people would throw away, & It's UGLY...

It's made out of an old bathtub!

As far as I'm concerned, an old bathtub makes the perfect fire pit.

1.) get an old bathtub.

2.) bury it in the ground.

3.)fill it with fire-makin stuff.

(it helps to have your young-men-folk, or in my case, workers #1 - #4 to go out into the woods and collect felled trees, sticks, etc, For you.)

4.) Burn the stuff inside the tub!
How easy is that?
(The adorable Boston Terrier Puppy "Otis" isn't a requirement, But his cuteness helps hide the ugliness of the fire-pit!)

Once the fire burns down a little bit, Throw on some vittles!
(Or just use one of our camp-fire recipes. Yummmm)

Once it REALLY burns down (to red coals) Stick a marshmallow on a stick and roast/eat it.

Did I mention I really like fire?

Same picture using a flash on your camera.... Flash KILLS fire!! did you know that?

Ah.... Sweet, Sweet Fire....
I Love You...

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Cyndi said...

Dana, what if it rains and your fire pit turns back into a tub??

Dana said...

we have had the tub up for over 2 years now.

and the secret is.... dig your hole deeper than the tub and fill it w/ gravel.... unless we get a LOT of rain its fine. and even if we do get too much water it dries up quickly ;)

James Chapman said...

I think its a great fire pit,course Im a plumber.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your blog.I enjoy reading it!


Anonymous said...

Is it dangerous to breath in the fumes from a porcelain tub?

Dana Clover said...

Well, being outside, it wasnt an issue.
If you are concerned about it, just make sure you have a few nice hot fires before you cook food over the fire, but remember, there has been porcelain coated cookware for years and years. so I really thing it's ok.

Anonymous said...

Ref. to fumes - I have built over 30 bbq smokers out of porcelain tubs top and bottom the first one I still have and use, there has never been a promblem with fumes and the porcelain has never burned off as it is baked on hotter than any fire I've had in it, also it won't rust and after 15 years I can still use ovenoff and clean it out and it will look new again, just smoke it out before cooking in it for flavor! makes excellent cooker/pit

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