Nov 15, 2007

It's been 14 years!!!!!!! (rant of the day)

Please Keep In Mind...
I Love my children.....
I really do... No.. really... I DO love my children.

But sometimes there are days when you just wanna SCREAM!!!!!!
AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! (kinda like that)

ok, now that I have that out of the way...
Did you know it has been 14 years since I went to the bathroom by myself?
Seriously .... 14 years!!
14 loooong years!
My oldest is 15 years old... So I figure when he was a newborn and small enough for me to strap into some type of baby-restraining-device (swing, car seat, bouncer, 4-point restraints, etc...) takes off about 1 year... after doing the math... yep..... it's FOURTEEN stinking years since I went to the bathroom by myself!!!

This morning was a beautiful morning...
It was quiet....

The Little-Foreman-In-Pink was zoned into Dora The Explorer on her DVD player.....
The puppy was snoring in his fluffy bed under my desk.
I had already finished my 3 cups of chocolate-cream-coffee mmmm when the "urge" hit me. I needed to "Make Water" (That's what the-little-foreman-in-pink calls it. How cute is THAT!?!?)

I softly crept towards the bathroom.... I side-stepped the floorboard that squeaks.... and entered my bedroom (this is the way to the farthest bathroom from the kidos) so they wouldn't hear me.
I softly shut the door.... ***sigh*** I made it! I actually MADE it into the bathroom without a short person or furry puppy following me!!! I was finally , after 14 loooong years, Victorious!!!!


"Mommmmmy" "I seeee youuuu"
"Are you making water Mommy?"
"Are you going poopie Mommy?"
"Wook at my eye, Do you see my eye Mommy?"
"Mommy? Helloooooooo."

"Aren't you gonna wave to me Mommy?"

"Hiiiiiiiiii Mommy!!"

"I'm waving to you!"

"Do you see my fingers mommy?"

"Are you gonna wash your hands mommy?"

"Good Job Mommy! Your a BIG Girl!"

It was then that I threw myself down on the couch sobbing in defeat.

Nope.... I can't even do THAT alone....

I love my children.

I wanted to be a mommy.

I wanted a bunch of children.

repeat repeat repeat to myself.


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Anonymous said...

OMG! I am laughing so hard! Yep, been there, done that! still have no advise for you. but its funny!

Anonymous said...

Too Cute!!

Anonymous said...

How often do you take your camera into the bathroom with you? lol Too funny!

fallen caryatid said...

LOL I just e-mailed my husband yesterday morning something similar.

I can't take a shower without kids popping their heads in the bathroom to ask/tell me something vitally important.

"Guess how many eggs we got today!"
"One is green with white speckles"
"Can you get me cereal now?"
Look Momma! I brushed my hair!"

Dana said...

Well.. it's nice to know it's NOT just me!
I was beginning to get worried.

Thanks for the comments y'all...
I get all giddy when I get comments!

Kathy said...

I just found your blog, this is great! I am GLAD to be a grandma. I am laughing so hard. Thanks!

Amy said...

OMG.... Welcome to my world!

I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in my desire to pee in peace!! LOL

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