Dec 28, 2007

Don't miss me too much.

I'm off tonight for another night out of town with The Man-of-My-Dreams.
I'm going here again. (I think they want their money back! ) They sent me a coupon for two free nights! I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings, so I must force myself to go and stay in a swanky hotel with the-Man-of-My-Dreams and NO short people. However will I cope? (**giggle**)

Have No fear....

You can get cooking with some great recipes. (or just click on the recipe box link to the right for even more!)

You can read about the Man-of-My-Dreams so you know what to look for to be happy in life.

You can read about my short people, this may help you feel better about your life!

Or even read about how to Join the BMA's (Bad Mothers Anonymous)

Or you can actually get something done instead of reading this dribble of mine.

Have a wonderful Day y'all!!

C-ya Sunday!!!
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