Dec 26, 2007

Tarnish-Free Silver with NO WORK!!!

I got some beautiful silver earrings for Christmas and I thought to myself. "Myself? other people may love silver too! Shouldn't you share your silver cleaning with NO WORK secret with them? Why Yes I should!"

I love silver jewelry.
But the silver that I dont wear everyday gets tarnished really fast because the air here is so humid!
Lots of jewelry is really hard to polish because chains and other intricate items are impossible to reach inside the nooks and crannies.

I have seen those "Magic Silver De-Tarnishers" on TV before that make the tarnish just melt off of your jewelry And knew there was a way to do this at home without spending $19.99 on their kit.
After a lot of searching, I found out how to de-tarnish your silver with almost NO work!
Hey that's the way I like it!

Here we go!

What You'll need...

a glass baking dish.
aluminum foil big enough to line the baking dish.
steaming HOT water to fill the foil lined baking dish.
Baking Soda.
Tarnished silver.

Here are some of my tarnished silver pieces.

Line your baking dish with aluminum foil. Fill your foil lined baking dish with steaming hot water.
Add 2-3 teaspoons Salt
2-3 teaspoons Baking Soda.
and give it a little stir to dissolve the salt.
add your silver into the solution.

You want your silver pieces to be touching each-other
And touching the foil.

Let your silver soak in the salt/baking soda solution for about 5 minutes.
If you watch closely you can actually see the tarnish leave your silver!!
(It's like a flashback to 7th grade science class man!!)

After soaking, remove your silver... rinse it off..
dry it (you can buff it to a high shine if you want)
and look at the tarnish free silver!!

See how purty and sparkly it is now?
and I didn't even get my hands dirty!
You wont break a nail!
(so I've been told.. cause my nails are long gone to gardening)

  • Don't use this cleaning solution on jewelry that include gems. Especially porous gems like pearls or turquoise could be damaged by the liquid.

  • Be careful when polishing or dipping silver plated items. Any damage or imperfection in the plating could allow the liquid to attack the base metal underneath. The plated silver would look shiny and clean, but could be weakened on the inside.

  • Wearing your silver jewelry will keep it free from tarnish.

Go forth and clean your silver!!

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Miss Understood said...

How cool is that!? It was so easy! I just dumped my Grandmothers old silver in there and in less than 5 min they were looking brand new!!

Thanks so much for posting this!

Sara Mom of 3 said...

It works! It really works! My necklace is all pretty again. Thanks!

You are clever!

Anonymous said...

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