Dec 1, 2007

Very cheap Short People amusment park at home!! (just in time for Christmas folks!)

Have you ever noticed that parents seem to go a little bit wacko around the holidays buy buy buy for their kids. Then Christmas afternoon there is a chorus of... Mom... I'm bored.

Or the ever-popular realization that the kids are spending more time playing with the bows and discarded boxes than the gifts they actually contained?

Then there is the problem of childhood obesity. What do we do? we buy kids MORE video games and DVD's so they can spend even more time inside sitting on their butts, working out nothing more than their poor little thumbs with the controllers. (I'm just waiting for some "expert" to say we managed to mess up a whole generation by giving them all carpel tunnel syndrome from video games. Its coming folks! its coming... and of course, like everything else... it'll be our fault! **sigh** we are so very responsible! responsible for everything!)

Have I got an idea for you!!
Give your kids Hours and hours of fun outside physical activity with the new and improved (isn't that the catch-phrase they use to make us think its better than the original?)

Country Kids Amusement Park!!

Step #2 =
Make sure the guy who digs it never comes back like he promised to remove the rest of the Mountain of dirt/clay/material from your new fishing pond and leaves it in the middle of your back pasture.

Step #3 =
Spend the first few weeks telling your kids to STAY OFF the Dirt Mountain! (it's dangerous, It's muddy, The clay will stain their clothes, And the dirt on your carpet? Oh The dirt on your carpet!)

Step #4 = Finally get "over it" and let em at it! You'll soon realize that the dirt on your carpet, and the new laundry challenges are worth it because.... You'll never see your short people again! They will spend every waking minute outside playing!! (remember outside play? we used to do it when we were kids.)

Step #5 =
Go fish in your new pond all by yourself.... ahhhhhh sweet peaceful fishing... is there anything better for the soul? I think not!

You can make the Deluxe Model by throwing in a couple dump trucks.
(tho it's not a requirement, your short people will use sticks, dirt clods, rocks, anything they can get their dirty little carpel tunnel free fingers on)

You'll soon find that not only are they outside playing all day.. But they are becoming more resourceful too! Mine went into the "Shed-Of-No-Return" and got out an old skate board, removed the wheels, and **POOF** they have an instant dirt boarding board! (because their very mean parents decided to live in a place where there is no snow for snowboarding.)

Now... Go make your very own Dirt Mountain in your back yard/pasture! You'll be glad you did! Your kids will be glad you did!
Your washing machine & carpets may not be as happy.
But what the hey! Your kids are acting like KIDS!!!
Dirt and all!
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Anonymous said...

Great as Usual Dana!
You should write a book!
You have a way with words.

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