Jan 1, 2008

A new year..... A few new resolutions.. (and some of the same old ones too!)

It's a new year!!
I woke up this morning after being an old fogey last-night and falling asleep by 9:30pm missing all of the ringing in of 2008 festivities... well, until everyone started firing off their fire crackers and Otis the Killer guard Boston Terrier puppy got scared. I decided it was time to write my New Years resolutions. (leave it to me... the Queen of Procrastination Land) to wait till the very last second.

Resolutions for 2008.

1.) Grow a better garden than my pigs garden!

2.) Learn more ways to use my sweet, growing, needy, homemade sourdough starter.

3.) Play with new combinations of fruit and make a lot more Homemade Prison Wine.

4.) Work on my quilting ... maybe make one that actually looks like a quilt and not just a bunch of connected squares.

5.) Hire an exorcist to deal with the ghosts on the homestead.

6.) In an attempt to make my Butt smaller... eat less of these and these too! and drink less of this!

7.) Keep better track of our finances and maybe, just maybe end this year with a little saved up.

8.) Make sure The Man-of-My-Dreams feels as cherished as he makes me feel.

9.) Try to have less to say at our monthly BMA (bad mothers anonymous meetings).

10.) Take more pictures.. and work on taking GOOD ones too.

I'm sure I'll think of more as the day wears on...
But I'm off to start cooking the traditional Black Eye Peas, Cabbage, and Pork to start off 2008 with a bang! (well... 5 men + cabbage + peas/beans. = more of a BOOM than a bang.... gas mask anyone?)

What are some of your resolutions?
Does your family have any new years traditions?

have a wonderful Year Y'all!!!! stay safe!
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