Jan 20, 2008


1.) Why did the Man-of-My-Dreams come down with the flu ONE day after being released to go back to work after his knee surgery? (poor baby is so sick he can't see straight! This would have come in handy when I was trying to keep him on the couch after his surgery!)

2.) Why did the water line going into the bathroom decide to spring a major leak the day AFTER the Man-of-My-Dreams left town to go back to work? (while sick as a dog)

3.) Why do I only notice that I have a newly-sprouted thick dark hair growing out of my chin when I am in the car and can't remove it before I have to go in somewhere? (It's GREAT to be getting older... men lose their hair... we sprout new ones where they should NOT be!!)

4.) Why, the first week I have been really really good on my diet did I gain 1 pound?!?!? (heck! I might as well eat the ice cream!)

5.) Why Does it only rain/sleet on the one night I forgot to roll up my car windows?

6.) Why, when the smarter-than-your-average cow gets out of her pasture, does she have to knock the only breakable thing off of your porch?
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ClaireBoe said...

Murphy's Law.

Sorry you've got so many things going wrong. I hate it when that happens. Praying your husband is feeling better soon, and for all your other needs.

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

thanks! I can use all the prayers and well wishes I can get my hands on! ;)

Hubby is feeling 100% better.
now if we can get the short people feeling well it will be Spring! ;)

Thanks for the comment!! comments make my heart sing!

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