Apr 7, 2008

Were you really looking for me?

One of the really cool features of having this Lil ole blog 'o mine, is my ability to track my visitors.
Don't panic and get out your tin foil hats or anything... I don't have any personal or confidential information about you, but I do get your visit number, city of origin, and the coolest of all.. I get to see your referrer.... in other words, if you clicked on a link to get to my page, I can see where that link is.

Lets say you read one of my posts on HomesteadingToday.com and clicked on a link to my blog, I can see that you were referred from Homesteading Today.
If you googled something and came from there, I see the key words that brought you to my lil ole page.

It's really cool! My family is getting really sick of me announcing visitors.
"Ooooh Y'all!! Look! There is someone from Moulineaux France on my page right now!!! Oooh Aahhhhh"
"Knob Lick Kentucky... someone is here from Knob Lick Kentucky.... Did you know there was a Knob Lick Kentucky? Someday I wanna visit Knob Lick Kentucky, just so I can say I was in a city called Knob Lick!!"

But the referrer pages are the most fun...
I have the most fun and get the most disturbed from the Google searches.
I guarantee that 99% of the Googlers who end up on my page were NOT looking for me!

Yes, I get lots of people looking up homemade Fire pits , I get several hits from poor students looking up child labor laws for their college thesis papers or something equally important, Lot's of people want to know how to make home-made cream-of-whatever soups and Home-Made Wine is always popular.

But there are always the few poor souls who do a search for a very specific thing and end up here only to find out it is NOTHING like they are looking for.
Several Google "Wife Swap" and end up getting my stories about our episode of the TV show.
Somehow I'm thinkin that is NOT what they had in mind.
One poor person googled "How to convince my wife to swap"
I'm thinkin this site was of NO help.

I get several "Cheating Housewives in my area" Google hits per week....
Why? I don't get it.
Will Google please explain to me why on earth this site comes up for THAT search?!??!
And.... Why would a Housewife advertise online to cheat?!?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.
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dykewife said...

perhaps they were looking for a blog that their wife keeps where she talks about cheating?

i get many links from google for things to do with seismology, twitchy muscles, twitching children and for photographs, especially my tattoo.

otherwise most people get my blog by hitting the next blog button on the top bar in blogger. i don't think that anyone who accidentally finds my blog hangs out to see what it's about.

Jazzy said...

hi from nebraska...I've been to your little corner of the world once..got relatives there..cute blog.

Rhea said...

I really enjoy hearing what search words lead people to certain blogs. Makes for some hilarious reading!!

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