May 10, 2008

Our Critters video.

after tons of requests.. here it is....

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Rhea said...

Great critter video! I loved it. You really have a lot of critters on your farm. lol

dykewife said...

i loved it!!

i especially liked the one with the kittens sleeping in the bra cups and hte one with eh cat asleep in the equipment box. cats do like their little places.

did you put a picture of one of your kids in the "some we eat" part on purpose? cuz i can totally relate. when boy is being particularly naughty i have said, "now i know why some animals eat their young." all he does is laugh at me.

thanks for the peek at your farm.

m~ said...

That was great! Thanks for sharing .

WildernesFamily said...

Cool video Dana! Someday.. someday... SOME day we may be able to make a similar movie about our farm ;)

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