Oct 1, 2008

I Want That! Wednesday

Hurricane Ike forced me to take a few weeks off from
I WANT That Wednesday

But I'm back!!

Remember when you were a child and you would swing on your swing set and go higher.... higher.... higher?
All of your troubles would melt away and you were flying!

I want a
Tree Swing!

Yes... I know My butt is quite larger than it was in my swing-set days.
So I'd need a pretty darn big branch to hang my super-sturdy swing from.
But I think it can be done.
I want a tree swing!!

How Bout you?
What do you want??
BIG... small...
Practical.... outrageous?
Whatcha want?

Join below!

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3 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Helene said...

If I could have the same tree swing that's in the picture, yeah, that's what I'd want too!! Remember those days when you could just spend hours on the swing, staring up at the sky and there was nothing wrong in the world?? I miss those days! But it does bring joy to my heart when I see my kids on the swings and they seem to enjoy it just as much as I did when I was little!

Anne M. said...

wow, that's a GREAT pick! I want one now too!

hope your getting things back in order =)

Laura said...

A tree swing would be great at this time of year. I want a ball gown this week. Glad you are ok from the tornado.

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