Dec 26, 2008

Is it hereditary?

I am so lucky to have the Man-of-My-Dreams.
Today was the day that we finally had the time to fix the back wall in our laundry room.
Hurricane Ike decided to really blow that wall around and knock it off of its foundation.
The kids were amused each time they shut the door and the back wall would swing in and out like a doggy door, but we were not.

As I have whined, complained, & bitched about, explained many times, the Man-of-My-Dreams is working out of state and is only able to come home one or two week-ends a month.
This has made it really hard to finish a lot of the projects that need done around the farm.
The Boys and I can do most things, but we need Daddy for the big stuff.
Removing the broken wall and building a new one was one of those times.

All of the boys are away from home visiting various family members, so it was just The Little-Foreman-in-Pink, The Man-of-My-Dreams and I.
This meant that, much to my dismay, I was his helper on this job.
And by helper, I mean I got to sit in the chair and ask a million questions between running and getting some tool he needed and helping hold a board here and there, while he sweated, worked and occasionally cursed at the wall.

One thing that I have noticed about this man, is a strange and cute little habit he has of talking to himself. He was working hard, and I thought he was talking to me, telling me what he was doing and if this or that was right. Nope... turns out he was just catting away happily to himself!

"There! thats good-n-tight."
"Nope.. that won't do."
"Where did I put that hammer?"
"That looks pretty damn good!"
"I can build a wall!"

Each time I would answer him....

"Thats great honey! You can do anything!"
"Oh well, better luck next time."
"You put the hammer on the ladder."
"It IS a mighty fine wall!"

He would look at me confused like I just interrupted some deep thought.
He didn't even know I was there!
So, of course, I tried to sneak back into the house.
And, of course, it was at that exact moment he needed the hack-saw from the tool shed.
This went on for most of the day.
He was working and chatting to himself, and I was watching and assisting as needed.

Then I walked over to my beautiful koi pond.
This is where I usually find the Little-Foreman-in-Pink "fishing" (bobber but no hook), she didn't know I was standing there watching her.
She was chatting away to herself..

"I'm gonna catch a reallly big fish!"
"Oh I threw that one far!"
"Where should I sit down?"
"I think I will eat my fish for dinner."
"I wanna eat the orange fish.. I like oranges."

I wonder where she gets it from?

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Misty said...

oh goodness that is hillarious. just got me laughing as i told my husband about it. he got a chuckle out of it too. too cute!!

Bethany said...

hmmm... seems to me that ALL your children have a gift of talking on and on, no matter if someone's listening or not! They must inherit from their mother as well! :o)

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

Tatersmama said...

LMAO! Now, I just wonder where they get that from? And I wonder which traits of "yours", that you just aren't sharin' with us.

Melissa said...

You are hysterical! Love your blog!

Shonda Little said...

Sucks that your man works that far away. Several of my friends' husbands work out of state in the oilfield and I know it is hard on them.

Isn't it funny when your see your man in your kids? My boys are both proxies of their dad.

Kateri said...

I got a good chuckle out of this post. Sounds about like the same sort of senario that happens when I am trying to help my husband with projects, especially the part about trying to sneak back into house...LOL

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