Dec 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with good food, good friends, family and fun.

We celebrated our Christmas yesterday morning,
Family came over and we had a great time.
Kids were thrilled!! This year was the first year that the Little-Foreman-in-Pink really "got it" and was super-excited.
It was so much fun to watch!
Santa and family were very nice to me this year!!
Here is a run-down of the goods.

The super-duper romantic
got me the perfect gift!
A brand spankin new
Remington Automatic shotgun!
Yeah.. I may just be a little bit redneck!

My mother got me this Humong-o sized blender.
This thing holds 80 ounces!!
Oooh the margaritas this baby will churn out!
Or healthy fresh fruit smoothies to if thats your kinda thing.

A major point of contention between the Man-of-My-Dreams and I is his alarm clock.
I hate it with a passion!
Not only because it wakes me up at 4am in the morning,
But it does it rudely!!
Who wants to wake up with that terrible sound at such an un-godly hour??
Not me!
So now I have an I-home alarm clock radio thingie, I can wake up to my favorite songs!

Santa brought the young-men-folk this game for the Wii.
Guitar Hero.
They love it and love the fact that they can beat the tar out of their parents even more!
So this Christmas day while they are gone, what do you think the Man-of-My-Dreams and I are doing?
Snuggling on the couch sipping cocoa?
We are playing Guitar Hero..

And the surprise hit of the day?

Yes... that is an egg without it's shell sticking out of the rubber-chicken-butt!

Now... you have to understand. When I was a little girl all I asked for on my birthday and several Christmases was a rubber chicken.

Yes, I know... I was strange even as a child.
But I wanted a rubber chicken soooo badly!
I finally got one and was the happiest little girl in the world!

Well, my dear mother remembered her favorite daughter and her love of the rubber chicken.
Who knew they made them so gross now?!?!
My biggest problem now is trying to keep it away from the children who are constantly trying to rubber chicken-nap it!

Soooo, what'd YOU get for Christmas??

**Update*** My rubber chicken did NOT come with a warranty!

I guess there was a limit on the number of times you can squeeze the life (and egg) out of it.
Oh.. and keep in mind.. your 5 yr old daughter will NOT be amused when her dear Mommy squirts her in the eye with liquid bulging out of a rubber chickens butt!

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Tatersmama said...

Whoa Doodley! What a haul!
A woman who wants a Remington AND a rubber chicken... That's my kind of girl!

It was a quiet day here and my romantic guy figured a single CD was exactly what I needed/wanted/would get. Luckily it was Chris Issac, so I didn't have to smack him or throw a tantrum.
My daycare kids always get me something as well, so I have enough cookies and candies and mini-breads to keep ME stuffed for the next month as well.
And my present from my son? "It's on it's way." Yeah...right. *snort*

fiveboysmom said...

The Archeology Bible (that was from me), a feather-filled cushion for my SUV so my hip won't go out from the contoured seats, and The History of Pirates.

And I got all eight of us around the table for dinner at the same time. Husband decided we need a spy-cam to take pics of the once or twice a year we all sit down together.

Congrats on that blender. My friends and I could make short work of those margaritas.

Fruit slushes--naw!

2TooManyHats said...

LOL! A rubber chicken with squirtable egg - you win the most unique gift prize :) I love that blender, now I must add it to my wish list :)

Anonymous said...

You are one funny lady! My husband and I laughed so loud reading your Christmas entry. I found you through a comment you left on the Pioneer Woman site and I've been following you ever since. You've made me laugh so many times, and I'm very pleased to include your blog as one of my very favourites.
Thanks for all the giggles, and I sure like your new shotgun! All the best in 2009!

Nancy Peacock
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

Joanna said...

Merry Christmas to you too - sounds like you had a great time! There's nothing wrong with being a little redneck... :-) That is an AWESOME blender! So cool!

Kidcessory Haven said...

LOL!! I am sitting here on vacation in Orlando, at 1am, trying not to laugh so hard as to wake my entire family sleeping 3 feet away from me. I don't know if I laughed harder at the 80 oz's of Margaritas or the rubber chicken!!

You have a GREAT sense of humor and a GREAT blog and hope you can check mine out too!


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