May 30, 2009

She asked me to babysit... after last time!

Hello, internets! My loving sister has handed over her blog today…

For those of you who don’t know me,
I’m Dana’s younger sister –
the spoiled rotten, “city girl”, little sister –
who has annoyed Dana for almost twenty-eight years.

Earlier this year, Dana let me watch the kids while she hung out in ManTown with the Man-Of-Her-Dreams.
You can read about my experience here.
Let's just say I didn't know if she'd ever trust me again after reading about some of our escapades.
(And the ones that followed that included Worker #1's first highway drive...during RUSH HOUR.)

Since I'm in charge of the brood again this weekend while she picks up ANOTHER child to add to the mix (her 18-year-old stepdaughter),
I thought it was appropriate that I take over one more of her duties and make a blog entry.

Let me just say I'm exhausted.
I've been out here since Wednesday night, and I hit my breaking point today.
If the bathroom window was any bigger, I wouldn't be here right now!
(Though just dreaming of sneaking out the window helped me pass my homicidal moment.)

Between a morning at the ball park,
getting sunburnt because I'm a city girl who gets no sun,
a house that needs needed to be straightened up,
kids who act up worse than normal when their dad's around (Dana's ex - here for baseball),
a puppy who hasn't learned to use the outdoors as his bathroom,
very loud video games,
a 5 year-old who is adorable but hates hugs from her aunt,
frozen ground beef when we're ready to make burgers for dinner,
and a hair-singeing moment when we were finally ready to grill said burgers...
I had a hectic day.

And to think that Dana does this every day.
By herself.
I had support from my mom, the neighbor, Worker#1's girlfriend (very useful when adored by the little foreman in pink!), and the ex-husband.
And Dana copes with all five all week long while the Man-Of-Her-Dreams works out of state (and very likely out of country soon).

I admire her, I'm proud of her, I LOVE my sister... I just don't want to BE her.

I may have mentioned before that these kids are the best birth control money can't buy.
I SO don't want five kids.
Right now, I'm so frazzled, I don't even know if I want ANY.
NOTE: I'll take that back in a little while - I expect excellent baby sitters from these scoundrels.

At my house, I take the kids one at a time.
They are the most pleasant kids when they get alone time with Aunt Bessany.
We have "date nights" where we go to dinner and a movie,
they stay up really late,
they get anything they want to eat at the store,
and best of all, they get ME!!! :o)

But with their siblings?
Not so much.

I think they'd agree that there's two Aunt Bethanys.
One who's the awesome, super-cool aunt who lets them stay up late and pick the movie.
The other who's another rule enforcer, is quick to yell when they pick at their brothers and makes them eat all their vegetables.
Guess which one comes out when she's watching the crew all at once??
Not the one any of us like.

So, kids, no offense, but I'd like to go home now.
Your other Aunt Bethany will be back in a couple weeks.
After she's over the trauma of this weekend.

See you then!

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4 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Katidids said...

Well, the great thing about kids is in the original wrapper they are small. And like the fungus in the fridge they grow on you. Your brain slowly fries as they grow so, by the time they reach this dont know any better!

Bethany said...

Can I just say the pandemonium continued after I left Dana's place today? On my way home, I GOT A FLAT TIRE. The one time this weekend I actually wished there were kids in the car, and of course there weren't any!

- Bethany

Anonymous said...

Hello Internets? huh?

Bethany said...

It's been decided that internet should be plural (by whom, I'm not sure). It also can be called interwebs. Just a comment on the immensity of the internet, I think.

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