Apr 8, 2008

Meet Rusty the Rooster

I must say I agree with a lot of you ..

He looks like a

Thanks for helping me!!
I don't know why I didn't think of that name!!

I must have lost my clever hat somewhere..

I'm goin to go look for it...

it has to be round here somewhere....

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dykewife said...

rusty the rooster was a character on my favourite childrens' show when i was a little kid. he was on the friendly giant along with jerome the giraff and a bunch of musical cats. the main character was friendly, the giant. he played recorder, all of them from soprano to bass. i always wanted to visit him and sit on the chairs he moved about at the beginning and end of the show.

when the show started friendly would whistle for rusty and this falsetto voiced rooster puppet would pop up out of a bag (which was much like mary poppins's bag) and then friendly would whistle a couple of times for jerome and he'd appear in the window of the castle next to rusty and friendly.

Anonymous said...

Good choice in Rusty.
Love that rooster....

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