Aug 23, 2008

Lost It.

The majority of the short people and I are in Louisiana visiting the Man-of-My-Dreams in Man-Town.
This trip has made me re-think my mental health.
I think I have lost it.

Ask yourself ....
Would a sane person do this?

1. Drive almost 200 miles in Texas in August, in a Suburban who's a/c decided it didn't want to blow cold air anymore?

2. Do #1 with 4 kids and one dog with you?

3. Pack everything that the kids need, double and triple checking that they have everything they need, then forget to pack underwear for yourself?

4. Drive for two hours, stopping at two gas station/stores along the way, never noticing that you have on one purple flip-flop, and one yellow flip-flop?

5. After you spend months whining because you never get to sleep in, you find yourself sitting up and blogging at 5:39AM when you could be sleeping?

What'cha think?

I've lost it.

Have a Great Week-end Y'all!
School Starts Monday!! Yippie!!
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Jenn said...

Well when we took the kids away a couple weeks ago ,I seen some woman with a black flipflop and a white one ,so maybe it's the in thing right now and you just didn't know it!
I too am up and on here at 4-5 lots of mornings thanks to the baby!

Jan said...

You're not going commando anymore? ;-)

I was a lucky child who got to go camping on our vacations. Our family of seven and dog would be packed into the station wagon, row boat on top, pop-up trailer in tow. I'm sure we resembled a larger version of the Beverly Hillbillies. My Mom oversaw all of the packing. And yes, once, she forgot to pack her underwear for a three week trip. She teased us all saying she would borrow ours! I'm always amazed at how she managed to remember everything she did and kept a since of humor with us wild things. You brought back a sweet memory for me. Thank you.

Enjoy your visit.

Wendy said...

Are ya'll doing any fishing or crabbing on that end?

dykewife said...

you're a trend setter with two separate coloured flip-flops. in california, paris hilton and all the other people paparazzi follow with avid attention will begin wearing different coloured shoes and they'll all give you credit for your contribution to the world of fashion.

Mommy Cracked said...

You are a brave woman! And I am cracking up over the flip flops!!

Dana said...

Hey Wendy! we hit Holly Beach... it was kinda yucky lol.
and went fishing/crabbing later. we had a blast !! y'all have fun?

Wendy said...

We just got home. I am so tired. Crabbing wasn't too good for us today. Yeah, Holly Beach is yucky. Rutherford Beach is much cleaner. We like to go walk down by the jetty's too. I wonder if we've passed each other in that area and didn't even know it? lol

Anonymous said...

Commando and different flip flops. Bet you were a sight. But hey, no panty lines. And in Louisiana, those flip flops were probably not even noticed. :) Margie

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