Oct 8, 2008

I Want That!!! Wednesday

I need a Break!!
So this week's I Want THAT is my vision of the perfect vacation.

I want to go on an Alaskan Cruise!
I think an Alaskan cruise would be the PERFECT vacation for me.
Not too hot.
No sand in yer drawers.
Gorgeous scenery.
Amazing wildlife.
On A Boat!!

How Bout you?
What do you want??
BIG... small...
Practical.... outrageous?
Whatcha want?

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Have fun!

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4 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Athy said...

I want to go to Greece for a nice long vacation, that's what I want! Then I could also travel around to the neighboring countries. Man, that would be glorious!

Dana said...

Hi Texas Dana,
My husband and I just returned from an Alaskan cruise and it was AWESOME!! You should go, you know the glaciers are melting at a very fast pace, so you should go now. Hurry, go. GO
I'm so glad you survived the storms in your area a while back.

From your friend,
CA Dana

Anne M. said...

that sounds heavenly! my poor camera would probably die from all the pictures I'd take =) it looks so beautiful there.

Kristen Andrews said...

I want to go to Italy!

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