Aug 27, 2008

I Want That!!!

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Outdoor Fireplace

I have been known as the Fire Queen on our road for years.
Well.. I lost my title for one year but got it back this 4th of July.

I love fire.
I love to cook over fire, I love to gather round the fire, Fire is my friend...
But alas... unless we are having a big bon fire..
My fire containment device is..
My Redneck Fire Pit

When I was in California for Wife Swap, they had a Gorgeous outdoor kitchen/pavilion area.
It was heavenly! and in the center was a huge fireplace.

I want an outdoor fireplace!

Oh the time I would spend out there lounging around the fire. Maybe sipping a glass of wine, or reading a good book, or just cuddling with the Man-of-My-Dreams.

The first I want That Wednesday item is the Outdoor Fireplace!

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6 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Jenn said...

They are beautiful!

jen said...

hi, I like the outdoor fireplace and it is definitely on my list of "must have items" when I have a place of my very own.

btw, i'm refinnej on twitter. :)

i'll post what I want on my blog today and each wednesday, if you will. we need a cute button too. :)

Jennae @ Green Your Decor said...

Fireplaces are beautiful, but I think I'd prefer a fire table. You know...those patio tables with a fire pit in the middle. I just think it would be so cozy to sit around the table at night in the fall and winter. It helps that it doesn't get too cold in Georgia.

Jennifer said...

Oh My Gosh those fireplaces are gorgeous!!!! I want one.

Marissa said...

That looks heavenly! Looks like a great way to get cozy and spend the evening. I want one now!

Laura said...

An outdoor fireplace would be nice. I'd likely be afraid to use it too. I'm really wimpy about the gas grill, no matter how many times they show me what to do I just don't want to touch that thing.

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